Saturday, July 7, 2007

Summertime Fun....

I realize that it's been a bit since I last wrote......just a little bit busy around here. (and I thought things would slow down in the summer) Just a different kind of busy. We're enjoying our time though, having sleepovers, going to the beach, eating yummy watermelon and berries, going to blockparties, waterballoons, slip n' slides, pools.........on another out the garage (it HAD to be done), giving the kids extra chores so they can save for a ? , how many times can you wash a beach towel before it starts to wear out?, cleaning out the cooler ( I just did that ....again? and again?), paper plates....I use those a lot in the summer ( I call it having 'grace' on myself...and saving water and energy right?!)
Okay back to the more fun part about summer.....I SO enjoy the kids little toesies and little bum cheeks that are SO pinchable. My kiddos are like little fish that won't come out of the water much. They like to boogie board, find seashells, baby crabs, dig huge holes and make forts in the sand. We enjoy our yummy picnic lunches, and of coarse ice cream! That's a must! I pray that there is ice cream in heaven.
Since getting out of school June 14th, we took a weekend trip to Palm Springs, gone to the beach, had VBS (vacation bible school - the kids enjoyed that a lot), Hannah has started vocal classes and spends a lot of her time now practising with karaoke cd' sweet!, a few pool parties, many sleepovers, we saw a few movies......enjoyed Evan Almighty, Shrek 3. I celebrated my birthday (does age REALLY matter?) Just kidding, I'm 32 years young and proud of it! (most days) We had a fun time at our neighbourhood block party for July 4th. We stood in our street to see a great view of the fireworks show that we wanted to skip the ridiculous traffic for and were happy we did! Oh, how could I forget.....Christian (forcefully) took out his first tooth....what can I say, the kid really likes money! He does look really cute I must say. We've had lots of cuddle time and I'm planning on making the most of our 59 days left til' the first day of school.
I plan on having a few beach bonfire parties, lots of more beach days, LOTS of more ice cream ; P , lots of yummy smelling sunblock ( I keep those companies in business) a nice vacation with the family, and who knows what else there might be......Hope yours is a wonderfully happy, safe summer ; )

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