Saturday, July 28, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

So the girls decided that they wanted to share a room again.....being that Hannah is always sleeping in Caley's bed everynight anyways. We planned bedding and colours and layout and had it all worked out. We got the bedding which was on sale this week (gotta love sales) Really cute (did I mention on sale.....yay!) and knew that we wanted a 'tan' colour.

Well, 'tan' colour is a little bit vague. Today the girls couldn't get me out of the house soon enough to go to Home Depot to get paint, rollers, tape etc...... I forgot how awful I am at picking colours. I mean, I thought I was on the right track. I remembered to atleast bring a swatch of the fabric. The paint chip matched the swatch in the store (in the horrible florescent warehouse lighting) We three agreed it looked just right!

Got home and the prep work took quite a while! I guess I should mention that naturally the girls were VeRY eager to participate in this redecorating of their room. (understandably) Well, then they decided to recruit 5year old Emma! Everything was going pretty smoothly in our rather close quarters. Besides the "why can't we just paint RIGHT now!?".....I was telling them that prep work is the hardest part of painting. Of coarse it took even longer with unexperienced minors 'trying' to help. I was determined to make the most of it though and should say we did have fun.

After a good few hours or emptying the room, dusting, sweeping, taping, priming and yes our first coat...............we realized that we didn't really care for the colour. This is the part of me that I wish was more mature, and could've just bought the quart sized can of paint, tested it out and then went from there. But NOoooooo, I had to be all excited and just had to buy the gallon size assuming it would work.

Somewhere in between checking on the other two kids I booted out and grabbing a snack, the older girls made quite......a mess would be an understatement......quite a disaster!!! They did have fun doing it, but lets just say there is STILL little painted footprints all down the hallway, and after an hour soaking in the tub, the girls also still have paint on them. I put a halt to our project and told the girls that we'd find a better colour choice tomorrow.

I think when I get a more suitable choice of paint tomorrow, I will be painting solo because the kids definately had their share of it already. Plus painting is already quite a challenge (much easier done without the kids 'help') and now I also have paint to scrub off of this and that. (We started off so well) All in all, fun times were had but I have a lot of work ahead of me. I do think a better shade of tan will make all the effort worth it though and more importantly the girls having a special, beautiful room they enjoy and smiles on their faces ;D

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