Monday, July 16, 2007

So, Saturday was a a pretty mellow day around the Hampton house. Larry had to go to a 3 hour mandatory class to be an assistant coach on Christians soccer team (already starting in August) While he was out doing that I was hanging out with the kiddies enjoying 'not' having to be anywhere in the a.m. or do anything particular. Now as I'm writing I'm realizing that I may have already blogged about this day. So I may have also already mentioned that I went to breakfast with my girlfriends, and then later went shopping with Donna and our girls at Fashion Island which was a nice change from the regular quick trip to Target (which I love it's just that variety is nice too)
All of us were apparently sleepyheads on Sunday 'cause we all slept in! Luckily Larry didn't have to lead worship Sunday morning. We all had our 'one hour' clean up which feels more productive when everyone is helping clean up the house. Goes by faster too ; D
Larry decided to take us all out for lunch to our usual ' Pancake House' which is always a treat! Then we went to the beach to meet some family and friends for a beach bonfire at Balbo Pier. We got there around 4pm and left around 9ish. My sister in law brought this 'super-roaster' which is much like a metal tree that can roast somewhere between 20-30 marshmallows at a time......let's just say we only used that once. The kids of coarse 'had' to roast their own which thanks to my good friend Marianne who gave us these totally great marshmallow roasters (you can roast 4 at a time) everyone had something to roast on. We all had a great time and left pretty tired!
We then had a rough early morning. Lar and I were alarmed at about 5am when Chrish came in crying because he was sleepwalking and bumped his head so hard on his bookshelf that he got a narly goose egg! We brought him in bed with us and put an icepack on his head for over an hour.....swelling gone down a bit.....but still visible. Monday (today) was his first day of a one week baseball camp which he was really eager to go to. So, I told him we'd go and see how he felt. Well, he's quite the trooper because he had a super-long day basically being up since 5am and being at camp from 8:30am-3:30. He had a great time though. Got some home runs and struck people out.......that's my boy!
Tonight Larry's at band practice (he's got a gig tomorrow night) so the kids and I are having egg salad sandwiches for dinner and going to cuddle and have a mellow, relaxing night : D Thank God for cuddly kids.......YAY!

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